Released in 1990, Otis was to originally be a "super group" of sorts but was viewed as a Mojo Nixon solo project (which is OK).

Nixon recorded a solo album on Engima called Otis, on which he continued his assault on pop culture, most notably in the song "Don Henley Must Die." Several years after its release, Henley jumped onstage with Nixon at the Hole in the Wall in Austin, Texas to perform the song. Although since Henley didn't actually know the words, the pair agreed to sing "Rick Astley Must Die" instead. When Henley jumped out of the crowd, the dumbfounded Mojo immediately asked "Is Debbie Gibson here too?" Nixon later praised Henley thusly: "He has balls the size of church bells!"
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Destroy All Lawyers
I Wanna Race Bigfoot Trucks
Ain't High Falutin'
Shane's Dentist
Rabies Baby
Put A Sex Mo-Sheen In The White House
Star Spangled Mojo
You Can Dress 'Em Up (But You Can't Take 'Em Out)
Don Henley Must Die
Perry Mason Of Love
Took Out The Trash And Never Came Back
Gonna Be A New World
Mojo Nixon: Vocals, Guitar, Sheep
John Doe: Bass, Backing Vocals, Monkey Socks
Country Dick Montana: Drums, Deep Vocals, Zipperneck
Bill Davis: Guitar, Backing Vocals, Hatchet-Ass
Eric Roscoe Ambel: Guitar, Backing Vocals, Lightbulb
Jim Spake: Saxophone
Reed McCoy: Trumpet
East Memphis Slim: Keyboard
William C. Brown III: Backing Vocals
Zooty: Bells
Howard Irving: Drillist
Luther: Teenage Guitar
Robby Turner: Steel Guitar